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Hot 'n' Steamy Pics


What's up, Buttercup?

Hey there, cutie. Thanks for stopping by our page. Big Tobacco is just a silly little indie rock band making music for the heart, the soul, and at times, the libido. While you're here, grab a free download of our EP What's Wrong With Being Sexy? It's the one to the right there. Go on, you've earned it! Love you. Have a good day, boo.

What's a Big Tobacco?

Saint Louis indie rock outfit Big Tobacco is a cross-section of modern fringe indie rock and 80's post-punk/new wave influences. The group most notably takes influences from the likes of 80's classics The Cure, The Smiths, and New Order, as well as indie rockers Twin Peaks, Chastity Beltand The Buttertones. The band features four members, all of which are songwriters who split time on multiple instruments. 



For more on the people behind Big Tobacco, visit About Us.



Looking to book us? Check out our official Press Kit.

Debut EP

Stream What's Wrong With Being Sexy?

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Aquadome w/ Mark Twain Transmission Project

120 S Main St 

Kirksville, MO 63501



The Sinkhole w/ Lola Pistola and Stepfather

7423 S Broadway 

St Louis, MO 63111

I'll pay ;)
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